10 January 2013

Winter Monday evening training sessions relocated

From John Hodgson.
Sorry about the confusion caused last week when some of you turned up at Milnthorpe not knowing we had  been unable to book the Astro-Turf in time (the footballers had beaten us to it).

So, what we have been able to do instead is to book the Sportshall at Heversham for Mondays between 7.00 and 8.00pm but this cannot start until the exam season is over, which will be on the 18th January.
We'll then be able to do running activities and/or circuit training in DRY conditions whatever the weather is doing outside.

Therefore the 7.00 pm Monday meeting point for Seniors as well as Juniors will shift to the car park opposite the School at Heversham from 21st January 28th January until we relocate to Tristram playing field for the spring and summer.

This means there will be one two more gathering for runners at Milnthorpe next week (14th) where I will take Juniors around the School grounds but they need to bring a torch and high viz top.

The Kendal Winter League has started and ten of our Juniors took part in the first race at Scout Scar. So well done to the following:
Thomas Burrow, Eddy Leedham, Ewan Benson, Jacob Steele, Finn Harkes, Vicky Leedham, Sarah Thompson, Tom Harkes, Will Leedham and Alice Steele,
(sorry I couldn't make it as I had airport duties to perform , but I will get there this Sunday )