19 March 2012

Juniors Update, Sausage Sizzle Night

With the end of the races which count for points in the Winter League today, we can assume that the Junior Presentation combined with the first Wednesday evening `light night` run can`t be too far away.
The date for all this to happen is Wednesday, 28th March. The venue is again at John Hodgson`s house at Carr Bank Road, in between Sandside and Arnside.
All Dallam members and intending members are invited. The juniors get a run to Fairy Steps followed by an Easter egg hunt, whilst the Seniors get a run to Arnside Tower, Arnside Knott and back over Arnside Moss. We intend to set off by 7pm not to be arriving at 7pm.
 The usual format is for everyone to bring their sausages, buns, drink and a cake tray bake if possible. The food is handed in before you leave and should be cooking or cooked before you return. We hope for good weather but there is a gazebo and outdoor heating if it is wet and/or cold. It has been one of the best social occasions in our calender in the past where the achievements of our juniors are recognised and rewarded; they really are a credit to us both in their attitude to training and spirit in competing. All juniors who haven`t been able to do the Winter League have to turn up as well to get their egg! Mums, dads et al are welcome, but if not running may be given jobs.

We start running again from Tristrams at Heversham on Monday, 26th March, when any questions you might have can be answered.

John Hodgson