2 April 2009

2009 update - junior sessions start on 20th April

On each Monday throughout the spring and summer months a junior training `off road` session is held at Tristrams playing fields, Heversham. The sessions last for 1 hour between 7 and 8pm unless otherwise stated. 3 Dallam senior runners (all applying for childrens enhanced CRB check) lead 3 groups which are divided by age/ability, although certain activities combine the groups.

The younger runners (7 to 9 years) group mainly train by taking part in `running games` The middle group (10 to 13 years) and senior group (14 to 16 years) `enjoy` speed training, relay competitions and longer runs on the hilly fields surrounding Tristrams. All groups enjoy relay competitions and the occasional `bleep` test.

The leaders are not disciplinarians but they do expect youngsters to train in a friendly environment, showing respect for those who might be less able in a no bullying environment.
Whilst the aim is certainly for youngsters to enjoy themselves, you will improve your running style, your endurance and be encouraged to take part in races.

There is no compulsion to join Dallam Running Club although many youngsters do so and proudly wear their Dallam running vest.

Over the months you will be given details of forthcoming races which range from our own 3rd May Dallam Dash fun run of 2 miles (this is very competitive for some juniors) and events that occur all over the county generally with a leaning to `off road hilly running` . In early November many Dallam juniors pit themselves against juniors from other northern clubs competing in the Dallam Eaves Wood trail races held at Silverdale. In the 2008 Eaves Wood races Dallam juniors took 5 out of a potential 8 first places.

Whilst no training occurs over the winter months juniors are encouraged to represent Dallam in the Helm Hill Winter League. There are 11 races over the Winter months on some of the steepest fells in the surrounding area. Dallam are represented at all levels in these races with many past victories at the various age groups. The emphasis on all the races is on the taking part, with all who do so receiving a prize. In late March after the end of the Winter League there is a special Dallam BBQ evening with easter eggs and prizes being awarded. This is a very special evening where all can join in for a run and social evening where past running memories are shared and races planned for the forthcoming year.

Another highlight of the Monday sessions is the Sports Evening in early July. You can take part in both a sprint and a fell race with a few other fun races thrown in. You can even watch your parents race againgst each other. The evening ends with presentations, BBQ, cakes and many sweeties. See the blog for pictures of our many exploits.

So, if you fancy having a go all we ask is your commitment to running, no special kit is needed.


For further details contact: Greg Tagney 01524 761557 or Garry Dowthwaite 01524 822216