3 September 2023

 Monday Night Training
Starting 4th September- All meet at the Heron Hall Playing Field, Storth 6-7pm

Monday Night Running Club

For the juniors

Week 1 – time trial- up and down Dollywood Lane – max distance 1.6 mile

Week 2 – Athletics-based activities – Run, Jump, and Throw

Week 3 – Running based activities

Week 4 – Plyometric sessions

Week 5 - Off-road hill running- hill reps

Week 6 - Athletics-based activities – Run, Jump, and Throw 

But......Monday nights are not just for Juniors anymore….. 

For the last few years, we have been running an adult session alongside the junior sessions. These sessions are not like a Wednesday club run, they are structured and designed to make you a stronger runner, and therefore less prone to injury (hopefully).

They follow a 6-week rotation

Week 1 - A time trial – a 5k circuit around Storth

Week 2 – Hill reps – Hills are simply the best way to build running strength, running up inclines forces your muscles to work harder with each step, and as you grow stronger, your stride becomes more efficient and your speed improves.

Week 3 – Interval training – These sessions force your body to take on a higher aerobic capacity, allowing you to run for a longer time at a faster pace. Running at a faster pace for an interval- will cause speed adaptations to happen, and improve your distance running pace.

Week 4 – Strength and conditioning sessions – Strength work accomplishes 3 goals for runners, it prevents injuries by strengthening muscles and connective tissues, and it helps you to run faster by boosting neuromuscular coordination and power. It also improves the running economy by encouraging coordination and stride efficiency

Week 5 - Hill reps

Week 6 - Interval training

The hill reps and intervals will be set on time, not distance, as this is more inclusive- it allows people to go as far as they can in a given time… faster people will go further…allowing less rapid people to get the maximum benefit without feeling under pressure. Everyone needs to train constructively without too much training overload, slower runners need to be productive without trying to compete with the speedier runners, and faster runners need to be challenged and not wait for slower runners to complete a set.